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"Alan’s comprehensive approach and training methods makes the Architech Sports and Physical Therapy one of the top training programs in the country.  I would highly recommend it for college football players looking for the edge on training.”

                                           Ryan Vermillion, PT, ATC
                                                         Head Athletic Trainer
                                                         Carolina Panthers

"The Combines can make or break your reputation as a player.  The Architech Sports and Physical Therapy for Sports Performance in Charlotte, NC will help you train and reach new levels with their pre-combine program."

                                            Mike Gentry, CSCS
                                                           Head Strength Coach
                                                           Virginia Tech Hokies

Football2Many college football players make or break their draft day status with impressive displays of strength, speed, and football skills.  Draft position determines everything from signing bonuses to base salary to playing time.  Performance during these workouts is what separates one athlete from another.  Those extra few tenths of a second, those few extra reps on the bench, a faster "L" drill, or an extra 2 inches on the vertical jump, can boost a mid-round prospect into the early rounds of the draft.

NFL prospects that train with Alan Tyson and their superior staff of training and medical experts will take their performance to next level.  Their "Total Player Development" approach is comprehensive, aggressive, and specifically prepares the player for the NFL combine and College Pro-Day including:

  • Improving 40-yard sprint times
  • Enhancing footwork and agility 
  • Increasing reps on the bench press 
  • Adding inches to vertical jump

The "Total Player Development" approach will also address any muscle imbalances and flexibility issues that are present in 99% of all football players.

Alan and his staff have worked with players from over half the NFL teams.  Let them help you reach your potential.  Call Alan directly at 704-677-9103 for additional information about the NFL combine training program.

The Architech Sports and Physical Therapy also offers private training services helping a select group of professional and collegiate athletes in their pursuit of excellence by recognizing and overcoming obstacles they encounter in their professional and personal lives.  Ask Alan for details on this year round program.