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  • Female athletes have 2-6 times the risk of ACL injuries as male athletes
  • 30,000 high school and college women will injure their knees this year
  • The same number of males will injure their knees but the males will participate in sports at 5 times the rate of women
  • Over 1.4 million women have been afflicted with an ACL injury in the past 10 years
  • In the past 15 years, ankle sprains have decreased by 86% while knee ligament injuries have increased by 172%

Reasons for the Injuries

  • Increased Q angle at the knee
  • Increased ligamentous laxity of the knee
  • Smaller femoral notch for the ACL

What the research shows that can be fixed……

  • Decreased hamstring/quadriceps ratio
  • Slower hamstring reaction times
  • Decreased joint awareness (proprioception)
  • Different jumping, landing, and cutting techniques

Jumpmetrics is a one of a kind program designed for the female athlete to improve her speed, agility, and strength while teaching how to cut, jump, and land with less stress on her knees.

Jumpmetrics is a one-hour class (2-3x/week recommended) of:

  • 10 minute dynamic warm-up focused on hip strength and flexibility
  • 10 minutes of plyometrics and power training for jumping and explosiveness
  • 5 minutes of agility training specifically for the female athlete
  • 10 minutes of speed training
  • 10 minutes of balance training focused on rotational strength
  • 15 minutes of strength training to develop sports specific strength
  • Total 60 minutes


Improvements Recorded After 6-Weeks in Program

Vertical Jump


1.28 – 4.5 inches

40 Yard Dash


.33 seconds - .59 seconds

20 Yard Shuttle

(cutting/change of direction)

.46 seconds - .62 seconds

One Leg Long Jump


9.38 inches – 17.5 inches

Lateral Moves

(quickness and agility)

2.32 moves – 5 moves