Alan’s ability to work with these athletes to insure an appropriate rehabilitation and training regimen will enhance our OC reputation and also translate into these athletes seeking Alan’s services for future training needs.

Dr. Robert Anderson

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Welcome to Architech Sports & Physical Therapy

Architech Sports and Physical Therapy is the premier athletic training company in the Carolinas. Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to get faster, quicker, and stronger... ARCHITECH SPORTS AND PHYSICAL THERAPY is the winning edge for you. The Architech Sports and Physical Therapy staff provides expert help to individuals who want to become better athletes by focusing on their physical conditioning, speed, agility, and quickness. Through physical assessments and personalized training programs to address physical limitations and restrictions, you will be able to perform at your maximum potential. This type of training also significantly reduces their risk of injury and future health-related problems.

Architech Sports and Physical Therapy trains athletes from all sports, including soccer, baseball, softball, football, basketball, tennis, volleyball and swimming. We even have fitness related programs for golfers. Based on a team approach, an athlete’s care is coordinated by many professionals, including a physical therapist, an athletic trainer, and a certified strength and conditioning specialist.

Co-founder of Architech Sports and Physical Therapy and formal Carolina Panther, Mike Scurlock, talks about combine training on 2/28/12 segment of Panthers Pulse! See Video

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